For Shippers

Messaging empowered by automation

More than just transport visibility. We automate flows, according to your needs and enable efficiency on your busy routine by turning information into real actions with a little help of assistants and AI.

Communicate real-time with logistics partners and make sure to deliver on time

Enable collaboration in logistics

Give all parts involved customised access to a specific transport order. Keep everyone up to date and allow them to easily share insights with your team.

Eliminate time-consuming phone calls

Break the information silos concentrated on people and papers. Enable a more transparent and efficient way to work, without spending time to call each part involved on an order.

Solve complex problems

Compare, analyse and decide on solutions together with your partners, sharing any file or information you need easily. Assign tasks and empower your team with collaboration.

~10 min

Time it takes to customize this website  for your own product.


Cheaper to make landing pages on Webflow vs. Unbounce or Instapage.


Professional-grade designs — now you can forget those janky page builders.

Streamline Complex Logistics Processes

Update order status, request updates from your carrier, share any files with your partners, talk with your customers, and much more - all right on the same platform, go beyond your team making sure you have control of every step.


Share order information with your network

Message your client and partners directly

Unify Logistics Communication

Connect teams, softwares, shipments, and vehicles. Uncover every part of logistics to optimize your workflows and drive services delivery success.

Schmitz Cargobull Telematics assistant

Connect directly to shipment telematics and gather real-time temperature, speed, and much more.

Break the language barrier and translate messages to any language

Translate sentences in any language you need within clicks. Don't worry about switching tabs anymore.

Schedule Maintenance Appointments

Arrange appointments without switching tools

Leverage predictive and precise ETAs

Improve your customer services with traffic, weather and routing information for more accurate ETAs

Manage Operational Problems Instantly

Eliminate time-consuming phone calls and email chains, by triggering automised notifications.- Get instant notifications when something changes/ when problems occur- Communicate changes to your customers without endless phone calls and email chains


Share order information with your network

Message your client and partners directly

Have Your Business in Your Hands

Easily invite your partners to be part of a transport order with your business, assign tasks to people beyond your team, reach anyone within your network - everything on the same platform.


Share order information with your network

Message your client and partners directly

See Dispatchy in action

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