Real-time logistics collaboration that really fits the way you work

Change the way you work

Dispatchy is a real-time messaging platform that gives you transport visibility at no effort. Work with all of your partners and integrate all of your favorite tools. Dispatchy lets you create your own workflows and proposes ways to improve existing processes.


Collaborate with everyone and every tool you want without switching tabs all the time.


Let your software tools do the work for you and let them share order information with your customer and contractor.


Define and control with whom you want to share any specific information you need.

~10 min

Time it takes to customize this website  for your own product.


Cheaper to make landing pages on Webflow vs. Unbounce or Instapage.


Professional-grade designs — now you can forget those janky page builders.


Everyone is here

Collaborate with whoever you want, people, companies and software. Everything in one single powerful tool. Share your order's status, location , or just easily write your customer a message without switching tools.

Share order information with your network

Message your client and partners directly

Access data from your different partners

Integrate different software in one platform



Empower with automation

More than just transport visibility. Automate work flows, according to your needs and enable efficiency on your busy routine by turning information into real actions with a little help of assistants and AI.

Assign tasks to your partners

Customise your flow automation

Turn information into real actions

Set up automatic updates about your order



Control your information flow

Operational processes start to get more complex when it comes to share information with different businesses. Enable your team to define exactly with whom you want to share specific types of information in a few clicks.


Full control over all information you share

Holistic visibility of your orders

Easily access shared files within one order

Customise access within your network

Logistics has a huge problem and no-one has solved it yet

Different operations models, raising customer expectations and a never-ending system landscape are just a few challenges for collaboration in logistics.

Without heavy investments into system connectivity, collaboration mostly happens in mail, spreadsheets, and phone. We have the solution for you. Connect everything in just one tool, no more switching-tools-and-living-on-a-call life, so have more time for real things.

Available integrations

Enable more efficiency on your daily routine, using assistants to better help you keep control of your orders. Share real time order information with your partners, easily.

Translation assistant

Different partners with different languages? No problem.

Easily translate informations and sentences in any language you need using the translation assistance. No need for extra translation tabs.

Schmitz Cargobull Telematics assistant

Do you use Schmitz Cargobull Telematics? Perfect.

Let the little elephant share your orders position, temperature and monitor your orders cool chain in real time.

and much more:

Check out all the features we currently have. We are always working to onboard new partners, integrations and ship new functionalities. And that's just the start!

Access telematics data from different vehicles

Track your order status without switching tools

Easily search information inside your order

Organise your routine to avoid an overstuffed inbox

Book a delivery time slot for your order without switching tools

Take notes directly on your order

Dispatchy is in a closed beta phase.
We will open up for new users to jump on board, soon.